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Hang on a Moment is a podcast all about having agency and owning yourself. This means identifying and working with boundaries, developing and owning your confidence, and focusing on assertive behaviours to hold your own and use your voice.   All in all, this podcast will ensure you can stand in your power!


We'll dig deep into what this means and how you can optimise yourself to be happy and healthy in your own skin, through compassion and respect towards self and from others!  We might even have some comedy moments along the way!

Episodes are released every Thursday and cover a range of topics that will help you be the best version of yourself and live your best life (from a balance, brilliance, and resilience perspective)!

The podcast can be listened to here or at Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google.  If you click 'subscribe' you'll automatically receive notification of the latest episode from your podcast channel of choice!

If you like what you hear then please share, like and subscribe.   Also please contact Gen if you would like to discuss her 1:1 coaching packages in more detail.

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