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We're on a mission to help optimise people, performance and profits.  This means putting the ‘human back’ into HR and the ‘being’ back into humans!

Vital Vibe is an innovative and forward-thinking consulting and coaching business that specialises in helping individuals and organisations, big and small, create successful and healthy environments that embody psychological safety and high performance.  

We do this by shaping and developing conditions that allow people to thrive.    

You could argue that the term ‘thrive’ is overused and a bit of  a cliché, BUT it’s worth to note just how we do this the Vital Vibe way, and in its most basic format it boils down to removing blocks and aligning action to values and vision. 

By focussing on the fundamental building blocks of holistic wellbeing (both of people and organisations) this equals the attainment of balance, brilliance and resilience.

Working as both your partner and guide, we quantify and develop strategic solutions that are tailored to successfully lead you through an ever changing ‘now’, as well as equipping you for the future.  

Click here to find out more about our founder, who can eloquently talk the talk AFTER having walked the walk.


Our Vision & Mission


That everyone has a shot at truly living their best life!


To put the 'human' back into HR and the ‘being’ back into humans (so people become the #1 priority in attainment of high performance and profit).

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